How to get traffic on blog without implementing any SEO strategy

how to get traffic to my website without seo

You must have heard that SEO is the root of blogging from different people and any other blogger who has identified himself as the biggest blogger. Or to say that blogging without seo is pointless/meaningless.  Is it true?  I say this is not right.  I do not mean that SEO is of no use in your site.  This greatly impacts your site.  And seo is very important for any site.  Because SEO helps to rank your site in Google.  But it would  be wrong to say that it is difficult to walk /run traffic without SEO.  We can also get traffic to our site without implementing any seo strategy.  

How to get traffic on blog without SEO

Get unlimited traffic without seo

If seen, there is no dearth of talent in our country today.  Need to jus identify them.  Blogging is best for you if you have the ability to write inside it.  In other words, we can say that the biggest condition of Blogging is that you have the ability to write something new.  You should have the power to form your thoughts into words.

 If you can write something new, entertaining, informative, inspiring, then the field of blogging is sitting for you.  Come to this field and show your fire.  Prove yourself

Express Yourself and Share Your Passions 

Make A Difference

Share your knowledge

Refine Your Writing Skills

Make money online

Build your professional network 

What I do for get free traffic without SEO ! 

If you are a new blogger and work very hard to bring traffic to your blog, then you implement SEO strategy and still not able to get traffic.  You get tired and get advice from people, the only answer is "do SEO properly", but we'll talk about traffic without SEO here.  That is, how can we bring traffic to our blog without SEO.  SEO serves as the backbone for organic traffic.  Without SEO, we cannot even imagine organic traffic.  It is also true that visitors from organic traffic are completely authentic and this improves the DA and PA of our blog.  

how to increase traffic

In the early days, when we are learning about it, we have to face a lot of trouble.  Because there is no limit of seo, you can never be satisfied in this, you can never say that it is done.  Because the more we apply Effort in our website the less it is.  There are different reasons why we are not able to bit our opponent.

Because that is a very big site those who have been working on seo for many years before us, then it is bound to come to our mind that how we brought tarafic to our blog.We can be a little upset by seeing our competitor seo strategy  but only seo does not give you tarffic. Today we will talk about some such topics, so that you can get traffic to your blog without implementing any strategy of seo.

Let's know what is SEO [search engine optimization] and how it works.

What is SEO - What is Search Engine Optimization

The simplest meaning of SEO is to improve your website or post in such a way that our website or post is displayed on the first pages of the search engine.By searching particular keywords in search engine, maximum number of people reach any website, i.e. 

the main source of traffic of any website is search engine like Google, Yahoo etc.  Out of the countless web pages on the Internet, the main function of search engines is to make the best web pages available to the user.  In order to do this task, search engines are in bots or software (search engine bots or software) which take into account the various things or rules (search algorithms), the best web pages related to the search terms let's get to the first page .

Any website depends on many things (SEO factor a) appearing in the first pages of the search engine.  Such as website design (design), the richness of the post (quality content), the relationship with the keywords searched for the post, how much people like the website or spend more time on the website, the way the post is displayed, the  backlix.  Back-link) and many other reasons.  Keeping in mind all these things (SEO Factors), it is called SEO to improve or change the website or post.

Search Engine sucks the new blogger;

Absolutely right, I said the search engine sucks the new blogger.  One thing is also true that for organic traffic, we have to live on the full mercy of Google.  How hard we work, how much SEO we do, if the blog is new, then no traffic will come from google search before 6 months.

The other thing is that there is no need to do the hard work we are doing on SEO, thinking that nowadays our post will come in the page ranking, everything should be favorable to us.

You may or may not know when Google's Penguin algorithm arrived, thousands of websites were saved from Google search, resulting in all these websites becoming useless.

Why did this happen?  Actually, all these websites were running at the mercy of Google, whatever traffic was coming from Google search.  All these websites were SEO based on the Google algorithms of the time.

Once the algorithm changed, all SEOs remained in the loop.  Google is always doing something similar in its algorithm.  The biggest thing is that Google never brings to the public domain what changes it is going to make to the algorithm.

 If you think that the SEO of your blog or website should be adjusted according to the algorithm of another search engine, then it is useless.  Globally, Google has a market share of over 90% and if we talk about our country, it would probably not be wrong to call it a hundred percent.  You must have heard a saying "Do not put all eggs in the same basket" You can't just rely on search engines, the biggest mistake we make is that we only target Google, due to which we are other traffic sources

Why we so excited to bring traffic to our blog?

All bloggers work daily to increase traffic to their blog and millions of articles on the Internet, as well as information on how to increase traffic to the blog, because every blogger has the same problem after creating a blog.  How to increase blog traffic because it is very easy to create a blog but it is very difficult to get traffic on it.  But this task is not so difficult.  Just you have to follow some tips that new bloggers should follow to get traffic to their blog. 

Whenever someone publishes a post on their blog, the only thing that comes to their mind is how to make this post accessible to the people, because the blog which has no traffic does not mean a blog.  Increasing blog traffic is very important to succeed in blogging because no blogger can make money from his blog without traffic.  So we have to work very hard to get visitors to our blog.

Today we have brought some tips for how to bring traffic to your blog, which you can follow on your blog to increase blog traffic in 2020.  To increase traffic to your blog, many things are important such as -

 Is your blog new or old

 How much is the content on your blog.

 Unique content or not

 User friendly post or not

Whether the blog is submitted to the search engine, etc.

Apart from this, there are many things which are very important in bringing good traffic to your blog.  Today we will also talk about some topics that will help increase traffic to your blog without implementing any SEO strategy.

How to get traffic to blog without implementing any SEO strategy.

Before I start, let me tell you that not all traffic is equal, there is a lot of traffic on our blog, there are some people who send millions of traffic to their blog from social media.  You may wonder how much SEO strategy should be implemented to get traffic from social media.  Your answer will probably be nothing or very little.

Today people have become very smart.  No one wants to share their strategy with others.  People pay more attention to smart work rather than hard work.  When we are engaged in seo, then our opponents get ahead of us.They do not want too much seo effort in the beginning.  Our biggest mistake is that we pay more attention to seo and Google.  We leave too many things in this circle. 

I want to tell you something that as we all know how much importanc SEO for our site we can read here to get traffic without seo but it is possible for us to maintain our site for a long time with doing proper SEO.  I recommend SEO to get permanent and targeted traffic to your blog.  1000 direct and targeted traffic received by you is better than 10000 indirect traffic You can get indirect and un targeted traffic without seo.This does not mean that we become dependent on seo only;  it is necessary to get traffic without seo strategy.  We do not have to forget any kind of traffic.  Because our traffic / Visiter is the root of our blogging.


What is the difference of SEO traffic or without seo traffic.

Friends, I told you above that there is no single source of traffic to your blog and website.  There is a lot of difference in traffic received from SEO and without seo.  We have to apply a lot of effort to get traffic from SEO.  One has to recognize his opponent's strategy. 

If we bring traffic to our blog by seo, then it is organic traffic for us.  This is very important that determines how reliable our site is.  The more organic traffic on a site, the greater its importance in Google's eyes.Let's understand a little about organic traffic. 

1. SEO traffic [orgenic traffic]

Friends Organic Traffic refers to the traffic that comes to our website / blog by Google after ranking our website / blog.  Or we can also say that the traffic that comes on our website / blog with the help of ranked keywords of our website / blog is called Organic Traffic.

Now friends, let us understand Organic Traffic by taking an example.  Which will make it easier for us to know what is Organic Traffic?

Guess, I have to do a Keyword Search.  And that is the Keyword: What is SEO?  So I search this Keyword in Google Search Engine.  After which many websites / blogs come in the result.  On which the article is written about "What is SEO?"  So I will go to the first website / blog coming from number 1 to 5. Look at the picture

How to get traffic on blog without SEO

In which you assume that your website / blog is ranking first or second.  Then I will visit your website / blog.  That is, I will go to your website / blog.  So traffic has come to your website / blog from Google Website Engine's Ranked Keyword.  Which is called Organic Traffic of your website / blog.

This traffic can be found on your site from different search injections such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, ect.  To do this, you have to do seo, there is no one definition about seo, you cannot combine it in one line.  Because the more you try to get your site ranked, its range keeps increasing.  I will not talk too much about SEO as it is not our topic, I try to tell in short. 

There are two types of SEO.

On page SEO, In this, you have to work inside your site, it depends entirely on how much better you make your site.  It made you need a lot of effort.  On-page SEO is related to the content available in the blog and website, in on-page SEO we optimize the content (Post) so that the search engine can understand our post or content better and make it in the search result be able to  include. 

Keyword research is done to do on-page SEO of any post and a good keyword is selected for the post, High Quality Content is created, Keyword optimization is done and along with that META DATA is also good is optimized from. On-page SEO is very important for ranking any individual post, with the help of on-page SEO, we can rank our website and the posts available in our website high in the search engine.

On-Page SEO includes user experience, Bounce Rate, Search Intent, Page loading speed along with content optimization,

 Choosing the right domain name

 Choosing the right web hosting

 Choosing the right theme [user friendly]

 Choosing the right keyword

 Proper keywords research

 Select serch volume difficulty

 Content of your site

 Choosing the right heading title

 Putting H1, H2, H3, all of heading

 Parmalink sercheble

 Meta tag, meta description

 Add photos and videos to your article

Off page SEO Off-page SEO

To increase domain authority, we resort to quality backlinks, social media sites, etc.  In easy language, the methods used to promote your website are called off-page seo.

Off-page SEO is very important for our blog or website, we should pay equal attention to off-page seo as we should also pay attention to off-page seo as 50% of your website ranking is off-page seo.  Belongs to

 This helps to increase traffic to the website.

 This is helpful in branding the website.

 Off page SEO is necessary to increase domain authority.

When too much quality content is published on a particular keyword, the search engine ranks the website taking off-page SEO into consideration.  A website that has more activity in quality backlinks and social media, helps more in ranking.  So something is the game of seo if you want organic traffic then you may have to do all this.  But can we as a new blogger do all this?  Can be a bit tricky.  So we are reading here, how to get traffic to blog without implementing any SEO strategy. 

2. Without SEO Traffic

This traffic is completely different organic traffic, you don't get it from any search engine, but you have to work hard for it yourself.  As we talked in the abow off page seo for blog promotion. when we bring traffic to our site from promotions, we can say that without SEO traffic.  In this we can use social sites or any other site.

There are different ways to promote any blog.  Which one you decide is best for you, it also depends on where you want your blog to be in the first place.  Whichever way you go to promote your blog can be better for you, the traffic that comes from the promotion on your blog can be called without SEO traffic.

If you are a blogger and you are blogging, you should know this, said blog post, and how to promote the post to bring traffic to the blog is very important.  When we publish a post, after that we should promote it in many places, which will give you more visitors to your blog.


Only for writing high quality content, you cannot get satisfactory visitors to your site.  For this, you will have to work harder now.  Now you may be wondering whether it is necessary to promote blog post even after writing Seo friendly post? 

If you promote your blog posts, then traffic to your site can increase by 50–70% beforehand.  So today we will know how to promote our blog in a way which is very important for us.  Because this is the only way we can get traffic to our blog without implementing seo strategy.

How to get traffic on blog without SEO strategy.

It is human nature that when he walks on a path and if there is an obstacle in the middle, then he changes the path and not stops on the way.There is no two opinions about the way Google's algorithm is great for traffic, but there is also no doubt that construction work continues on this route from time to time, due to which the blogger is forced to leave or ignore this path.  Does matter.

Sometimes this also happens when you get stuck badly due to changes in the google algorithm, neither here nor there.  There is no option but to stand in the roadside.  Just remember 2014 when there was a change in panda algorithm.So why should we not find such a source of traffic that neither has the hassle of doing SEO nor has to live on the mercy of Google.

Illustration of school books, pencils, and lab tools.


Publish great Content

Social media marketing

Create infographics

Join blogging forums

Email marketing

Ads marketing

Referral marketing

Video marketing

Guest blogging

Comment blogging

Join Q&A sites

Interviews and  webinar

Ebook publishing

We can get a lot of traffic on our blog without seo. Just you remained with it till the end. It's gonna be fun and useful ! 

1.Publish great content.  

Have you heard that content is king in blogging. If not, it is true. Your published content is your identity. Any visitor to your blog So he sees her content. Because he only means by content, he has come to your site to find a solution to his problem or a question. It does not matter how old your site is., This is the best way to get free traffic to your blog.  You have to write the best quality contents in your blog that your visitors will like and they have something to learn from that content.  By writing good content, your blog or website will also rank well in Google search. 

As a reader the quality content is the same where you get the exact answer to your question or querys, the user experience is good, the information given should be to-the-point.  Meaning quality content is more subject oriented for visitors. One thing always keep in mind Google also always gives importance to good and quality content which is user friendly. You should avoid writing articles only for your earning and profit and take full care of your user.

builds trust with readers.

This means that every post you are writing should be 100% genuine and true content.  You can give a link to other authority website as a reference in your blog, this increases the trust of readers on you.Giving a link to the source related to your content is called outbound link and this also tells the search engine what your content is about.

Social share and backlink are very important in ranking of a post.  People share the same post or give a link, whose post is of good quality and people have confidence in that website.  Therefore, to increase the quality of the content, you also have to win the trust of the people.

 Engage your Audience

If visitors back your content after 5-10 seconds, it means your content is not engaging.  This increases the bounce rate and the ranking of the post falls in the search engine.Audience will come to your post only when your content is engaging.  So let's know how you can write engaging content?

  •  Make the post title attractive.
  •   Use multiple subheadings.
  •  The first paragraph of an article should be the best.
  •   Write the article in short paragraphs to make it easier to read.
  •  You can use Quotes between content.
  •  Image There is nothing better than image and video to grab attention. 

Always Focus on readers

It has been clearly stated in Google’s quality guidelines ‘Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines’.If you are just writing articles for search engine, just to rank them.  Let me tell you, the search engine does not work in this way.  You should write an article for your audience only, the search engine promotes the same content that the audience prefers first.

First, understand your readers, what they want, what type of content they like and how you can improve your content and get suggestions.It is most important that you make a connection with the readers and talk in their language. 

You have to understand why people like videos more because it is interactive, so just writing like newspaper, magazine does not make your content interactive. Helping others through your content should be your first goal, only then you can earn good money from the blog. 

In short Quality content is the one that can answer your questions correctly and both the search engine, users can understand that content well.Good content is what people like, share and talk about it on your blog.

Search engine is the best source to get more traffic on a blog or business.  If your content will be at the top of the search engine results then people can know about your blog and more traffic will also come on it.  Because of this you will always find high quality content at the top of Google search results.

The question in your mind will be that while writing a blog post, we should pay more attention to our writing or SEO.  But to get good rank in search engine, you have to pay attention to both.  You cannot fool the search engine using low quality content, by creating more backlinks, just by using more keywords for SEO. 

Social media marketing. 

Friends, as we know, social media is becoming very popular these days and people spend most of their time on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, so in this case, if you are looking for your product or your business social  If you are not marketing on the media, then you are making a big mistake. 

Nowdays time of digital marketing, everything becomes digital so social media marketing is very important for any brand, business or blog to be successful.  Social media engagement is an important aspect in social media marketing.Whether you have just started blogging or you have been blogging for a long time, the importance of social media always remains for your blog.

What is social media engagement?

its means that social media followers have to do something to increase the response or react to your posts.  Creating more and more followers on your social profile so that more people can connect with your business.Simply put, by presenting your content on social media by optimizing it in such a way that people want to know about it and react to it.  This is called social media engagement.

Increasing followers on social media also comes under this.  A blogger can take the blog to the next level by using social platforms properly. Social media marketing is very important for any blog and website.

How to increase Social Media Engagement?

When it comes to creating a social media strategy, it is important to always have helpful and genuine content that is presented on social platforms.If you use social media properly, then social media acts as a bridge to connect your content and audience.

Let us know such tips which will be helpful in increasing the social media marketing of your blog.

 1. Set Goal for Blog

Before you start creating a social media marketing strategy for your blog.  You need to set clear goals for your blog or website.First of all, you have to know where your blog or website is currently and where you would like to see your blog in the coming time. When you have the Goal to increase social media engaging for the blog, then you will be able to work effectively.  Having a goal i.e. Goal will guide your strategy like a GPS.

This is how you can create goals for social media.  For example, if you have 50 members in your Facebook group, then your next target should be that I have to complete 1000 members in these days.

 2. Identify Target Audience

Unless you share your content with the target audience on social media.  You will not get its correct output.If you are a travel & lifestyle blogger then travel places, travel tips, new destination etc.  People you know and are interested in will be your target audience.

To identify the target audience, you can run online surveys, campaigns or take help of facebook groups and pages which are related to your blog niche.

 3. Ask Questions to your visitors

This is a simple method that can be used to increase social media engagement for blogs.Whenever posting on social media, do some work to get feedback from users.  For example, in the last of the post, ask them which part of the post was the best, comment or share the post and tag a friend in it.

This means that the posts on social media are done correctly, rather than putting a lot of posts together.if you share too many posts on social media, then it is not a good thing to increase connectivity with users on social media.Along with new posts, share old posts with your readers through social media.  This will connect readers more deeply.

4. Try to learn from great blog

Connect with the top bloggers in the blogging field and understand their marketing strategy.  Share your problem with them and get tips for moving forward.  Doing this will really help you a lot.

 Share the influential posts of Top blogs on your social platforms.  By sharing their content, you are showing your followers that they can believe in you because you are ready to reach out of your work to connect them with the quality content.  When your audience feels that they can trust what you share, then they will start trusting you and your blog. This will give new directions to the blog for ways to increase social media engagement.

 5. Share personal things

It is not necessary that you do this, but being a bit transparent with followers can increase social media engaging.  Social media is a platform to connect with people privately, so you should try that you are making that connection with your viewers.  Whenever you are traveling somewhere, share any post or photo related to it on social media, it humanizes our blog.

When your audience gets to know about real life, they will want to connect with you more. 

Benefits of Social Media Engagement for blogs

There are many benefits to increasing social media engagement for a blogger, some of which we are talking about here.

 Blog network is large.

 Blog traffic increases.

 There is an advantage in search ranking.

 People connect directly to your blog.

 Blog authority grows.

 Popularity of blogs grows.

 There will be benefit in link building.

If you work properly for your blog then these are some of the benefits that your blog can get through social media.  It may seem a little difficult but if you try, it is possible, easy.

Create infographics.

Showing information or data in chart or diagram form is called infographic. Let me tell you that in the last few years, infographics have gained a lot of popularity on the internet, especially on social media sites like Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.  What some people have said about infographics - Infographics have been a good medium to spread awareness about your business and increase social shares. 

Due to their success in delivering information quickly and easily to the target audience through infographics, many companies and groups are showing interest in infographics.  A good infographics can actually generate a large number of unique traffic on a website.

Are you thinking about using infographics in your marketing efforts?  Learn how Infographics and SEO work together.

Are you new to infographics?  Well, an infographics is something that can turn a boring or tough subject into an entertaining experience.  This is the most effective way in digital marketing to present data or information in a graphic image form.

Make it Unqiue - To have an effective infographic design, it is necessary to make it attractive by giving it a unqiue touch.  A unique design will definitely attract the attention of your target audience.  Using surprising things in a normal bar graph or chart or presenting information in an interesting way will definitely attract the interest of your audience.

Keep your message bold and creative - It's important to keep your main message bold and creative.  For example, you can use different images or shapes in place of some words or letters to emphasize the meaning of your message in the most creative way. 

Don't burden your audience with too much information - always remember, don't spoil the scene with too much information at once.  Your audience will lose interest.  Good use of images or designs and many colors in the background can make your data harder to understand.  The point of infographic is to make the data easier to understand.  In today's busy world, people want to see and read small, simple information.  Larger and more written inforgrahics can bore them. 

Keep your text to a minimum - A page full of words can turn your audience away.  Therefore, be sure to keep your infographic simple with minimal use of words.  However, it is important to provide information that attracts the attention of your audience and gives them interesting information. 

Add Share Buttons - To make your message reach a larger audience, it is necessary to provide a sharing button that allows people to share information with their friends.  Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and email contact list are some sources through which you can get your message across the world.  Also, make sure that the buttons you provide are easy to use and not too complicated. Which will enable people to share information easily.  Use of infographics is very important for SEO process and submission of infographics is an important part of link building.  

Infographics is a very powerful medium in itself which helps in increasing brand awareness. By the way, there are many infographic tools available online, through which you can easily prepare infographic.  So make friends infographic and make your own identity.

Join blogging forums. 

Forum marketing is an effective way to get quality traffic and backlinks to your site. 
In today's time everyone is using this method and it is very popular.  Because very little effort is required in this.  You can answer the questions asked by people by joining the Question & Answer Forums website.  Whenever you answer a question, then you also put a link to your website.

By doing this, people will come to your website and blog through links to know the answer to this question completely and through this you can increase the traffic on your blog or website.  This is a very good and genuine way

Unfortunately, very few marketers use forum marketing effectively.  Everyone is so busy commenting on content marketing, blogs and other marketing methods.  Trust me, this is one of the easiest ways to bring a flood of traffic and quality links.

If you do it properly then you can, to your advantage, adopt a method that has been neglected by marketers nowadays that will bring you both visitors and backlinks.

 What is blogging Forum Marketing?

Forum marketing is simple;  You just need to involve yourself in 'forums' and talk on your  topics with other like-minded people.  You can get targeted traffic by leaving a link in in your content on your website (every time you post) or in the main body of your comments.  The forums are based on a specific topic or niche.


For example, an blogging forums  is going to be full of people talking about various marketing strategies.  Wherever you are, there is probably a platform based around it.  This means that you can find the most appropriate forum for you.  The forums are live communities.  Even a small forum with a few hundred members receives updates every day in the form of new posts or comments. As we know, search engines love fresh content, and forums fit very well 

what you have to do for blogging forums

1. Find the site or traffic associated with your topic. So much we have understood that forum means to publish your article or some part of it on a site. That matches your nich.But is it our job to just publish the content and add links in it. "NO" 

 Google search on internet marketing forums

 2. Choose a platform that allows signature.  This is where most of your traffic will come from, so if they don't allow signing, then look at another forum.

 3. Always read the forum guidelines before you begin.  They will show you acceptable ways to post your links and formats.  Failure to follow their guidelines may get you banned.

 4. As you are promoting your website, I recommend you to use a smaller version of your name, brand or website.  Choose micro member name and avatar.

 5. Add your own photo to show as an avatar.  Do not hide behind the logo of the company, a picture of your cat or any other nonsense.  People would like to know who you are.  When they can see your face, they will be more likely to connect with you.

 6. Spend some time to create an interesting signature.

 7. Do not just post to pay attention to your signature, you may get banned.  Instead, join the discussion and answer other people's questions.  People will then check your signature / profile and visit your website.

 8. After you post 25-30, place a banner ad in your signature, this is a great way to attract attention.  Very few marketers use this powerful technique a lot.  Before adding a banner to your signature, make sure that the platform allows it.  If you notice that there is a banner in the signature of other users then it is available, if you do not read the rules of the forum or ask the administrator.

 9. Always check the stats: Track the links in your signature to see if they are generating traffic to your site.  If they are not, you can improve the quality of your posts, post more often and / or change your signature.  If none of these work, find a better platform to join.

 10. Helping other people, being complimentary, being polite etc., is all about building credibility.  Once you gain authorization, you can market your website / product / services directly to those forums.

 The only downside is that if the forum is closed in such a way as MMG and TG went out of business this summer, you lose all backlinks at once.


 Forum marketing is a fun process and because of this, you will be more likely to focus on it.  Think of forum marketing as a long-term strategy, not an "in get out and get out" technique.

 Also, if you are convinced of how powerful forums can be, then why can't you start a forum for your website and properly monetize it? 

Email marketing. 

For the growth of online business or any business, email marketing is the most effective method in today's time.  Email marketing is the best way to connect with visitors to your website, build a relationship and convert them into a customer.

For this it is necessary to choose the best email marketing service which has all the features and features you need and it is very important for the success of your business.

You can reach your customers in a very excellent way through Email Marketing. It is a high-quality marketing technique in which about 25 to 30 percent according to experts.

Email marketing is the best option whether you are a blogger or Affiliate Marketer, Banking and Finance, Online Store, Retail Store or any kind of business.  Is in today's online business world. 

If you want to give regular updates to your readers or customers, or if you want to give a new offer or discount sale, then through email marketing, you can send your message directly to their inbox.

If you have any type of website that has low traffic, then you definitely need to do email marketing.  Email marketing empowers you to contact people interested in your business.

 Advantage Of Email Marketing:

1 - More than 70% of visitors to any website never return.  But when you inform him of your business offer or discount sale from time to time through email, then he will definitely come to you physically or on your online store or website and he maintains a relationship with you  That is a big factor in increasing your business.

2 - When you create an email list of your own, you make your visitors feel that you have not forgotten them by collecting email addresses and sending them valuable and new updates. This is a big thing for the business.

3 - Compared to new visitors, it is easier to convert repeat visitors into customers.  In fact, research shows that visitors who take 2 to 3 visits to your website mean that they are actually thinking about doing business with you or buying something.

4- Email marketing is most effective in any other online service which is also helpful in increasing your sales.  So if you want to increase your cell then you should start email marketing.   

Best Email Marketing tool/ Companies List 

You need a tool to do email marketing, so that you can send thousands of emails in one click, there is a lot of tool available on the Internet. Who charge differently Might be useful for you I have listed some companies whose market review is good and the service is also good, I have used the services of the first three companies, and you can also do this, for this you can use the free and testing version first.  Then buy the plan. 

The good thing is that there are some tools in it that give you free service. Also provide them, you can buy your plan even after using it for a few months for free. You do not have to invest much with starting

1 - Mailchimp - I have been using this email marketing tool for almost two years.  It is simple and quite cost effective.  With Mailchimp, you can send around 20000 emails in a month for free.

2 - Sendinblue - I have been using it for about 6 months, Sendinblue allows you to send 300 emails for free every day, that is, you can send about 9000 emails in a month for free.

3 - Getresponse - This is a multi-tasking email service provider. Initially, Getresponse gives you a free trial service for 30 days, in which you can use almost all the features and watch and buy the plan if you are satisfied.

4 - Aweber - This also gives you a 30-day free trial, after which the plan in Aweber starts at $ 19, $ 29 per month etc.

5 - MailGate - This is also a good option for email marketing. At Mailgate you get 15,000 subscribers for around $ 49.

In addition, there are many companies that provide email marketing tools and charge according to the plan and requirement.  Therefore, before taking any plan, review its market and also use the trial service to get some experience of how the company is offering.

Ads marketing.

Change is the law of life, you all know this.  How much has changed in today's life compared to the last 20 years and today is the age of the Internet.  People of all varnas are connected to the Internet today, due to all this it is easy to collect all the people in one place, which was not possible in the first time.  Through internet, we can also establish the connection of all businessmen and customers.

The demand of digital marketing is being seen very strongly in the present time.  The merchant who is making his goods is easily passing on to the customer.  This is giving a boost to digital business.

Earlier, had to resort to advertisements.  The customer looked at him, then liked, then he would buy it.  But now goods can be sent directly to the consumer.  Every person is using Google, Facebook, YouTube etc., through which the trader shows his product to the customer.  This trade is within the reach of all - traders and consumers too. This is the only way to get traffic to your blog 

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