What is Google news how can I get more traffic from Google news

What is Google news how can i get more traffic from Google news.

Hello friends, today we have brought you another great topic related to blogging which is going to be very important for you.  

Friends, you must have understood by watching the title, what is going to be our topic today Exactly Friends, our topic is today's Google News, how can I get more traffic from google news 
For this, you have to be with us and I can say that you are going to get a lot of help.

What is Google news can  how canI get more traffic from google news
Google news

Friends, it is not difficult to create a blog in today's time, but it is very difficult to bring traffic to your blog. Because there is a lot of competition in the field of blogging.

Blogging was a difficult task at a time when very few people used the Internet, because not many people knew about blogging so there was not much competition at that time.

If you want to get success in blogging and you want to grow your blog very soon and you can earn a lot of money then you have to bring traffic to your blog.

If you want to take traffic to your blog, then you have to do SEO If you have to defeat your competitor and you want to get ahead of it, for this you need to work hard and you have to do a lot of work on SEO

This article can be very important for those who are not able to do much work on SEO or who do not have much knowledge towards SEO and who feel that we cannot beat our competitor in SEO.

So friends, you are also constantly working on your blog and working very hard on SEO but you are not getting success, you are not getting as much traffic as you are working and you are disappointed. 

So wait, today we are going to tell you a very amezing trick, so that you can get a lot of traffic even after working on very little SEO.I use this method myself and I found it very good, so I am sharing with you.

So let's talk about our topic which is what is Google News how can i get more traffic from google news.Friends, I am going to give you complete information in this article, some topics

what is Google News, how can I get more traffic from Google News,how to add google news to my website, google news publisher Fourm, google news Site approvel 

What is Google news how can I get more traffic from google news google news publisher fourm google news site approvel
Google news

So friends above, you have been suggested some topics about which we are going to talk to the details in this article today, hope you are enjoying the session and you will stay with us till the last We are going to clear all doubts related to Google News.

What Is Google news. 

Google has released a program called Google News. You keep searching every day in Google, Google search results have a menu in the top bar showing the video, news, book, map,ect. 

In Google News you can get to see the latest and trending news of daily, more people think that this news is written by Google which is not true. 

We will talk about how to publish your article in Google News, how you can get thousands of traffic on your blog.

If you are a little weak about SEO and you want to get a lot of traffic on your blog, then Google News can help you.

Google News was launched in 2002 
Its idea was given by Krishna Bharat
Now Google New is available in many languages
You can find many trending articles in Google News like Tech, mobile, sports, politics, entertainment, ect. 

Google news is the free news ganerater service, which is operated by google 
Google News shows trending news from thousands of websites and shows it in Google News,this work is done by Google's Boat. 

The special thing about Google News is that no article is written by Google, we are all publishers and we have to submit our site to Google News, for this we have to take the approval of Google news site.

What is google news publisher.

Google News Publisher is a product of Google through which we see news in Google.This is more beneficial for those who work on the micro target, it is easier for them which is on the website specific topic.

If an article is written by such a blogger then that article is shown in Google News by Google Boat.To get picked up by our article Google Boat and be shown in Google News, for this we need a Google news publisher account.

You can also publish your blog in Google News,and you can bring your blog post or article to Google News. First of all you need to create a publisher account and it is important to get google news publisher approval.

Friends, before creating a Google News Publisher account, some things should be noted that for which website does Google News work, which is the website that Google News publisher account soon approves,

For which website does Google News Publisher work? I am going to tell you the name of some website on which Google News Publisher works. 

Website category for Google news publisher 


Business and finance

Craft and hobbies



Event blogging

Fashion and lifestyle

Food and drink

Games and sports

Health and fitness

Home and garden

Men's lifestyle

News and political

Children and parents

Pets and animals


Real estate

Science and technology

Shopping and marketing

Travel and guide

Women's lifestyle


How to submit website to Google News Publisher. 

Friends, I am going to tell you here some easy ways with the help of which you can submit your website to Google Publisher account and send it for approval.

Step 1  Open the Chrome browser on your phone and laptop and type in the search bar Google News Publisher, you will reach the publisher account website.

You can also open here from Google publisher account  

Step 2  Here you will see +add publication in the top left side. By clicking on it, you have to write the publication name, here you can write any name. 

Step 3 ,Aftert this you will have a new page of a publication form open, here you have to fill some general information. 

  • Description  You can write your blog description here
  • Category  select your category related your nich
  • Primary language  select your language
  • website property  enter your website's URL here with http/https and verify it with Google Search Console.
  • Country  select your country
  • Contact publication  enter email ID
  • Google property  select all
  • Google analytics tracking ID enter your analytics tracking ID code


Step4  Content Here you have to give information about your content, you have to tell what kind of content is published in your blog. 

  • Section  Here you have to add a feed with your website URL. (wordpress/feed) (blogger/feed) post/category   
  • Content labels  select your levels related your website 


Step 5  select your website or blog image/logo (squire logo) (wide logo) use only PNG or JPG file 

Step 06  Ada section If you use Google Adsense, then you can enter Adsense Publisher ID here, you can leave it like this too. 


Step 07  Advance section  You don't have to make any changes here

Step 08  review and publish  You have to do this step carefully, you have to check all the detail that you have heavy, make sure that you have filled all the steps correctly.

Step 09  click submit your site in review
You have to submit your site for review, now your site will be reviewed by Google News Publisher Boat ाIn two to three weeks, you will get a reply on the email ID given by you whether your site has been approved or not. 

Friends, I told you above how you can create your publisher account and submit your site for a review. But your work is not finished yet. 

If you want your publisher account to be approved as soon as possible, if you do not get the message of the reject, then you have to take care of some things.

I am going to tell you some steps which if you follow or apply in your blog, then your site can be launched very soon. 

  1. Google news publisher algorithm
  2. Google news publisher content policy 

1.Goggle news publisher algorithm 

Friends, you know that Google is very smart, its alien can catch you in minutes, what you are doing, you can not cheat Google, so you know to need news publisher algorithms.

Here I am telling you some steps which you have to follow so that you can get the approval of the publisher at the earliest site. Below are some simple steps you have to apply to your site. 

Keywoard placement 

Write on trending topic 

Set your location 

Comment and site rating 

Write unique and fresh article 

Responsive template

Website speed  

"Keywoard placement"

You have to place keywords correctly in your article, do not travel too much keyword, highlight your keyword, do not write any keyword repeatedly or unnecessarily. This is also very important in your on page SEO so maintain keyword placement.

"write on trending topic" 

Friends, it is very important for you, always try to write on the trending topic. When you write on the trending topic, your chances of ranking increase. 
You have to keep in mind that trending topics always rank in Google News, so try to write on the trending topics as much as possible.

"set your location"

Google always gives more importance to location, especially Google News, in which news is shown according to location, so whenever writing an article, definitely target your location.ाIf you write keeping the location in mind, then your publisher account can be verified soon.

"Comment and site rating"

This step can prove to be a boon for you, by friends comment and site rating, I mean how trustworthy is your site

The better the rating of your site, the higher will be the trust of Google and its bot on your site.

You should try to get as many comments and ratings on your site, and this can only be possible when you write articles for the user.

Keep a good relation with your visitors and try to answer their questions immediately and help them in every possible way, so that people will have confidence in you. And comment it on your site and give a rating.

"write unique and fresh article" 

Friends, this is the biggest mantra to get success in the blogging world, without it nothing is possible, you can do SEO as much as you want, make backlinks or adopt any technique. But until your article is unique and fresh, you cannot rank.

You cannot copy any news or article to your blog because no such content is given by Google.ाIf you do not write unique and fresh articles, then your publisher account will never be approved.So do not always try to write something new.

"responsive template"

This is a big part of your on-page Moga, so keep in mind that always use a responsive theme, always use a light theme ाYour theme should be such that it can open easily on all types of devices. 

There should not be any kind of error in your theme. User experience should not be spoiled. Your theme structure should be completely placement.It should have menu sub menu navigation bar ready

If you design your theme well and make it responsive, then your site can rank very soon.

It is not necessary that you use premium themes, there are many free themes available on the Internet, which you can easily customize and make responsive.

"website speed" 

After doing so, you have to check the speed of your site. This is a very big factor. If you write any good content to rank you, your ranking may be affected if your site speed is not fast.

For this you can take a good webhosting which will give good response to your user and keep your site speed maintained.

On the other hand, use the response theme, do not use unnecessary plugins, you can remove advanced CSS and JavaScript.

Optimize the image video, do not use more images in the blog.You can get many tools from the internet, so that you can speed check your site and even increase it.

2. Google news publisher a content policy 

Friends Content Policy is a very big factor for you because you know that content is king in the blogging world, your content can affect your users.

You should always try to write a unique and high quality content keeping in mind all the queries of your user.Because Google always imports unique and high quality content, the better your content is, the better your ranking.

Google News Publisher issues guidelines keeping in mind some content policy, I want to tell about some topics, I hope if you follow those steps, then your account will be approved soon. 

Friends, I am telling you some topics below that you need to be very careful about, these are some topics that Google never accepts, so never write these topics in your blog or website. 

Original content don't copy paste 

Transparency mention author 

Ads or sponsor content 

Personal information  

Follow copyright rules

Sexual content 

Graphic violence 

Medical advisory 

Hateful content 

Dangers and illegal content

"Original content don't copy paste"

Friends, I have told you very well about this, always try to put original content, do not copy from any site, your own content will be worth trusting for Google. 

If you copy paste, your publisher account cannot be approved, so always try something new. 

"Transparency and mention author"

Your transparency should be clear to visitors to your site. It should not be confused in any way.ाYou write about yourself in your blog about your blog site so that the visitor can understand about you. You tell them to do personal work or team work

"Ads or sponsored content" 

You should not use ad or sponsor content on your blog too much, you cannot do this to earn money, you have to work keeping in mind your user, make them provide good content. 

 "Personal information"

Do not share personal information of any individual organization 

"Follow copyright rules" 

Always follow copyright law, do not tamper with the intellectual content of anyone, do not use the content video image of another blog 

"Sexual content"

Google news publisher not allow sexual content, Do not do any kind of sexual activity, do not put any kind of photo video or text which is sexual, generates wrong energy to someone, 
Do not use profanity or dirty language 

"Graphics violence" 

By graphic violence I mean do not put any photo in your blog that promotes violence which contains something like assault or inciting violence. Do not post any video that threatens to beat someone or is said to have done something wrong.

"Medical advisory"

Do not give any kind of medical advice or spread false rumors about some disease.Do not consider yourself Dhanvantari Baidh 
Prescribe a medicine  

"Hateful content"

Do not spread hatred against any individual organization or party 
Do not spread hatred against any religion caste.

"Dangerous and illegal content"

Don't share such content wich may cause harm or threat to anyone, don't share any wrong information don't hype about any dangerous software and dangerous online games don't share any news without any official announcement don't promote Anti National movement and activity.

Friends, these were some topics that talked about Google News Publisher Algorithm and Google News Publisher Content Policy. Friends, if you follow these topics, then your publisher account will be approved as soon as possible. 

Friends, you have to keep in mind the Google News Publisher algorithm and content policy very much, according to their stated policy, prepare your site. 

Friends, I have told you about some topics of Google News Algorithm and Google News Content Policy. Below is a link from where you can get complete information from Google Publisher's offical website 

Read here 

Last words

So friends, it was like this, our article today, I tried to give you complete information, today I have covered all the topics for which you were looking for answers, today we have to know about what is Google News, how can I get more traffic from Google News,how to add google news to my website, google news publisher Fourm, google news Site approvel in this aartical 
I hope you have liked this session very much and today all your questions will also be answered, friends, I have tried my best to cover all the topics.

I am curious to know how you liked this article, did you get the reason for which you have come to this article, I hope you have got the complete answer, now you will not have any doubt on this topic.

Friends, I expect one from you that if you like reading this, then definitely do comment, by doing this we get more inspiration and we find new topics for you.

Friends, if you still have any question, how to create a Google News Publisher account, what is Google News Publisher, what is Google News, how to get a publisher account approved, 

how to add a website to a publisher account, site approval Whatever questions you have, comment us, we will answer you immediately and connect you with some new things.

Do share this article with your friends on Facebook Twitter social media thanks friends reading this article "Big hug to next aartical". You must read more aartical 

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