Important Tips for New Bloggers

Important Tips for New Bloggers. 

Today the thanks to start a blog and become a blogger isn't easy. If you create a successful and better blog, you'll earn tons of cash from your blogging.   

Important Tips For New Blogger new bloggers mist read
Blogging Tips

But you want to know truth purpose and purpose of your blogging, only then you'll start a blog and become a successful blogger.

But i might a bit like to mention that blogging and becoming a blogger isn't a simple task. On Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. 

you'll start blogging soon for free of charge , but if you would like to form your blog successful and successful, then you've got to figure very hard and spend money. 

you want to be aware that it's impossible to urge anything for free of charge . you cannot take the free blogging platform too far.

there's tons of cash in blogging, thinking that everybody would really like to form Blogger. But I even have already told you that blogging and becoming a blogger is extremely difficult and diligence .

Like other works, blogging also takes tons of effort. But those that start blogging without realizing this, they're unable to remain blogging for long. 

After a couple of days, his blogging career ends, because he comes into the planet of blogging only by brooding about money. So when there's no quick money, they get frustrated and leave Blogging. 

Making money from blogging is one among the foremost difficult tasks, which the new Blogger considers very comfortable.

Special attention should be paid to the 11 Blogging Tips before starting a blog. 

 01. Becoming Blogger isn't the thanks to make quick money

02. Blogging isn't free

03. it's important to understand the aim before Blog suru karne

04. Decide what you would like to try to to about Blogging

05. Pay more attention to the standard and content of the post.

06. Basic Knowledge about CSS and HTML

07. realize Basic SEO

08. Use social media.

09. don't steal other blogger's articles and content and study copyright.

10. Blog design should be clean and good

11. it's vital to twiddling my thumbs

01. Becoming Blogger isn't the thanks to make quick money.

Others are earning millions and crores by blogging or becoming bloggers. If you think that that you simply also jump into blogging, then believe the reality , and after a couple of days, the fever of blogging goes to decrease. Seeing extra money , choosing a blogging career, cannot take you much further.

Before blog suru karne, you ought to know why you would like to blogging. If the solution is merely money, then believe the reality , you ought to not choose blogging. 
it might are easy to earn money online by blogging, everyone would have started beating bloggers tons .

But to earn money from this, your blog should have a really large reader group and thousands of traffic should also come everyday, only then you'll earn money from blogging. 

But more readers and more traffic of any blog can't be increased only for the aim of earning money.

It takes time and diligence to grow more readers and good traffic on any blog. once you post the primary article on your blog, there's nobody to read it. 

once you post another article, there's nobody to read it. Similarly, the third, fourth, fifth, post articles are posted one after the opposite , but only a few are found reading.

Seeing all this, you begin getting disappointed, but this happens before any new blog suru karne. A successful blogger has got to get through such a period. Can't expect good results early.

A successful blogger keeps performing on his blog for an extended time with great patience. Because he knows that there's tons of diligence in blogging, yet he considers himself deserve it and doesn't hand over his blogging.

02. Blogging isn't free.

With Blogger,, Tumblr, Medium etc. you'll blogging for free of charge , they're also very easy to use. But there are many limitations on the free blogging platform. 

Free blogging platforms like Google's blogger, it's free but you are doing not have control over it. Google also can destroy your blog without telling you. this suggests that on such a blog there are some interruptions and lack of control.

If you would like a really good custom design of your blog, you would like more storage, more opportunity to earn money, then self-hosted blog of WordPress may be a excellent option. 

you'll design your blog better by purchasing any premium theme of WordPress.

you'll easily install self hosted WordPress Blog by purchasing domain and hosting. along side this, you'll also buy a premium theme for your blog. 

Some themes are often purchased only by paying once. While there are some themes that need to be purchased a losing year. It can cost between 5000 to 10000 to shop for all this. Domains and hosting need to be paid per annum .

3. it's important to understand the aim before start blog.

First of all, the aim of your blogging should be known for what you would like to try to to blogging. does one want to market a specific business through blogging. 

Want to inform about important information through blogging. Or is your blog just an area to precise your personal views? 

therefore the answer to such questions should be found before the blog suru karne. Because such questions will help in understanding truth purpose of your blogging.

Want to form Blogging a full time career? Want to form money from it? Want to post on the blog every day? what percentage articles does one want to post during a week? what percentage visitors does one want on your blog?

Such questions determine truth purpose of blogging. Let's realize what percentage serials are about blogging. Therefore, firstly, the proper purpose of blogging helps to enhance your blogging career.

4. Decide what you would like to try to to about Blogging.

Before Blog suru karne, every blogger has got to first know what he wants to write down about. it's necessary to specialise in a selected topic of blog. 

tons of blogs exist already . If you are doing not choose an honest and unique subject for your blog as per your liking, then your blog won't be ready to go much further.

Choose the most topic of your blog in such how that it's different from the gang . Choose a subject that you simply like considerably and about which you've got more knowledge. 

Only then will you be ready to write more and precise content thereon topic. If you select a right topic for your blog, then keep writing thereon . don't spread the topic of the blog an excessive amount of .

If you would like to earn money from your blog and need to rank better in program . So before choosing the subject of your blog, it's important to try to to research about the precise topic of the blog along side detailed keyword research. Only then you'll determine a selected topic for your blog.

First of all it's necessary to understand about the readers and visitors of your blog. which individuals want to read your blog, what are their needs ?, realize their interests and concerns, because it helps you to settle on an honest topic for your blog.

A blog is made by anyone, but not most are ready to earn money from their blog. the rationale for this is often that they choose a subject on which more blogs are already available, and that they don't have much knowledge that topic. 

along side choosing a singular topic for your blog, it's also necessary to possess interest and detailed information in it.

 5. Pay more attention to the standard and content of the post.

Most new bloggers think that by increasing more posts on their blog, more traffic will increase and money will start coming from the blog. But you ought to know that such traffic will only happen once, then this traffic will never return . 

Because such posts aren't informative for them, you've got not paid attention to the standard within the matter of accelerating the post quickly.

So if you recognize about writing quality content before Blog suru karne, then it helps you tons in getting success in blogging.

Why is "Content is King" called? you ought to know this. you'll increase traffic by writing more posts, but still you ought to pay more attention to the standard of the post.

Because if your blog reader gets important information from your post, then they're going to subscribe your blog and become your regular reader. But if you write an off-the-cuff and unattractive post, nobody will like your blog.  

6. Basic Knowledge about CSS and HTML.

immediately blogging platforms became very effective, where the necessity for coding knowledge is extremely less. Any premium theme and plugin also can be customized without coding knowledge.

So if you would like to become knowledgeable blogger, then you ought to take basic knowledge about HTML and CSS before Blog suru karne. 

If you recognize about these coding first, then you'll customize any theme of the blog consistent with you. If any sort of error occurs in your blog, you'll correct it yourself.

you'll increase this coding knowledge for free of charge . There are many free sites where you'll study HTML and CSS online like,,, etc.

 7. realize Basic SEO.

it's vital for any blogger to possess basic knowledge about program optimization. Because through this data you'll increase the organic traffic on your site.

SEO is extremely difficult, but by keeping basic knowledge about it, you'll also rank your blog better in program . Traffic from search engines is that the root explanation for any business being large.

 8. Use social media.

immediately social media are playing an enormous role in promoting anything. It takes time for a replacement blogger to seem within the post search result. 

If he keeps writing an honest post and waits that folks will read his post, then it's difficult to try to to that within the beginning. Initially people may find it difficult to seek out your post within the program .

Therefore, a replacement blogger should also understand the importance of social media before Blog suru karne. He shouldn't just believe search engines. Promote your new and old posts on big social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

With this, people will get to understand about your blog and posts well. you'll promote your single post whenever you would like , there's no problem therein . People don't know that you simply have promoted this post before.

So it are often clearly said that social media are very helpful for a replacement blogger to bring more traffic to his blog.

9. don't steal other blogger's articles and content and study copyright.

If you steal the content of another blogger or website and write of your blog, then you ought to take care . Soon your blog search results will stop coming. Because the world's largest program Google will slap your blog strongly, in order that your blog will never be visible within the program . 

you'll keep wondering why the traffic on the blog is decreasing, why the blog isn't coming within the search results. But this is often thanks to Google's Penalize. Therefore, don't forget to repeat and steal the other's content.

along side this, nobody else steals things like your blog's content, photos, infographic, so you'll use your blog by writing Copyright P Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Comments Policy on your blog. 

Before start blog, you ought to learn that no-one should steal your blog article or photo etc. At an equivalent time, you ought to also train yourself to avoid unknowingly being a content thief. ”

10. Blog design should be clean and good.

you'll have heard, "What isn't good in looks, isn't good in food". Would you wish to travel to a store where special care isn't taken for dirty and hygiene, then most of the answers won't be received. albeit he has better and real McCoy. 

Most of the time we avoid buying such goods which aren't good to seem from outside.

Similarly, a blog should even be clean, user friendly and readable. If your blog isn't attractive and readable, then no reader will read your blog. For that, your blog will become a primary impression only.

So before Blog suru karne, attempt to make your blog clear and attractive, write clearly using white background and black text, in order that any reader who isn't inconvenienced in reading the text of the blog.

a search by Smart Insights has revealed that folks spend most of their time on mobile. So make your blog mobile friendly. 

Because if your blog isn't mobile and reader friendly, then it's quite possible that you simply will lose the traffic coming from mobile. So albeit your blog is PC friendly or not, it must be mobile friendly.

11. it's vital to twiddling my thumbs.

It takes time for any business to get older . When it involves Blogger, regardless of what percentage quality posts you write within the beginning, 

it's going to take a while to urge the location ranked, it takes time to urge good traffic. Therefore, you ought to twiddling my thumbs and write quality posts and keep increasing the content of your blog.

Most new bloggers leave blogging within 6 months of blog suru karne. Because such bloggers inherit blogging thinking that blogging will start making quick money and can quickly become rich. 

But when diligence is completed and there's no quick money, then blogging starts to lose their fascination. you want to have heard a proverb , "The hurry is that the work of the devil". So it takes time for everything to be good. 

Along with this, before starting a blog as a blogger, 

some blogging tips mentioned below must be paid attention to:

Before start blog, choose an honest name . But confirm that your domain doesn't match the other

Because you can't make an enormous brand by buying a website almost like another name. So your domain must be unique. 

As knowledgeable blogger you ought to always buy fast hosting service. Because such hosting contributes appreciably in improving the ranking of your blog.

Many free themes are going to be available for WordPress Blog, but free themes accompany limited features. Therefore you ought to always give more priority to Premium theme. 

Because an honest premium theme improves the site's Loading Speed.

Your blog must use Security Plugin to stop hackers. Because such plugins help prevent hacking attempts.

Use good Cache Plugin for fast loading of the location , such plugins reduce the loading time of the location .

Keep the plugin as low as possible in your site, as more plugins affect the speed of the location .

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