Future upcoming technology India 2020

Future upcoming technology India 2020

In this post today, I will tell some interesting things, today I will tell about the 10 future technologies which will prove to be very effective, 

We have seen and used many such technologies so far. Such as Smartphones, cloud  Computing, multi-touch tablets, all these things have helped us a lot and also made many of our difficult tasks easier, so let's know about 10 technology coming in the future

Upcoming new technology India



Oculus Rift 

Leap motion 

Smart Things 

Firefox OS 

Google driverless car 

1. Google Glass

Nowadays, if we consider this, the speed at which technology is being brought to us by Google is hardly in any company and in this link,

Google is going to make such glass in the future with the help of social media feeds, text, Google Maps,  You can use it and you can navigate with the help of GPS and you can also take a picture. 

Right now, this glass is only with the makers of it and it costs about $ 1500 but more companies are trying to make it, which is not filled with the embellishment of the common people.

 2. Form 1

Friends, you must have heard about 3D printing, Form 1 is the technology related to the same, which will make a big change in your life,

with the help of this you can transform your digital design into a solid real-life product.  Not a new thing, but for the people, having their own 3D printer can prove to be quite a revolutionary idea. 

Let me tell you a very funny thing, you must have seen the movie of James Bond, in one of his movies, in a car crash scene, the car was made with the help of 3d printer.

 3. Oculus Rift

Friends, Oculus Rift is being made for Virtual Reality gaming, with the help of which when you play the game, it will feel as if you are in that game yourself, 

you can use ultra-low latency to watch your game in high resolution display with the help of Rift.  And at the moment, there are many such products available in the market, but Rift wants you to use only $ 300.

 4. Leap Motion

Multi-touch desktop has proved to be a failed product because it cannot be used for a long time because fingers are tired, 

Keep in mind this technology is being used to help you control your desktop with fingers. But without touching the screen, 

it is not based on any motion sensor because with the help of this you can scroll the web page and zoom in on the map and photos, 

you can sign documents and so on  And with the help of this you can play the first person shooter game, that too with the help of hands and fingers, you can buy it for just $ 70 in future.

5. Smart Things

Today, many devices are facing this problem that they only work standalone as if you have a remote control cooler that will only work with the same remote but with the arrival of Smart Things all the devices are connected to each other.

With the help of this, you will be able to monitor your house on your way out, when you come home, the lights will be turned on automatically.

 6. Firefox OS

You must have run operating systems like iOS and Android but there is some limitation of these two os which it cannot prove to be helpful to make these two os better, 

that's why Mozilla is bringing its new Firefox OS which will focus  on true openness, freedom and user choice.  firefox os is being built with the help of Gonk, Gecko and Gaia software layers.

7. Google Driverless Car

You must have heard in many news channels that Google is building a car that will run without a driver 

Google driverless car is being built with the help of artificial inteligence, so that it will run according to the activities happening outside the cameras,  sensor, radar is also being used. 

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